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Payload 5 Gallon 4 Bag Kits


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The Payload Kits are the most effective and easy to use filtration bags on the market. Used for multiple filtration for your plants, the Payload kits can rid your plants of all access and unwanted material.

Payload Bags were established in 2006 and have rapidly become the #1 multi function filtration bag on the market today! Word of mouth, quality products and unsurpassed customer service is what got us here. We stay committed to maintain the high standards our customers have come to expect from us and will always remain vigilant in upholding these high standards.

Payload Bags speak for them selves, they are simply the best, most effective, easiest to use bag you can find. We are very excited to prove to all our clients that we have the best manufactured product, the best service, lowest cost and fastest delivery in the industry.

#1 Filtration bag on the market today.

The most effective and easy to use filtration bags.

The best manufactured product in the industry.

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