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Spinpro Powermatic




The Spinpro Powermatic is the most efficient of all med-sized automatic trimmers. It’s durable design and heavy duty motor help make the Powermatic the best of its kind on the market. The Powermatic Trimmer is perfect for all types of projects, especially large scale projects. Created from a medical grade stainless steel just like the bowl trimmers, the Powermatic is a trimmer to be reckoned with. This trimmer also has the same food grade rubber fingers inside for moving around the product once the trimmer is spinning.

The Powermatic works on the same principle as all SpinPro Trimmers but as said before, it is a large scale machine. This means it’s a lot more heavy and robust than the bowl trimmers to be able to keep going through the larger scale projects. The Powermatic is used for the removal of protruding leaves and roots and for the preparation of plants for essential oils or for the mixture of flower petals for potpourris or aromatherapy.

The SpinPro is the industries best trimmer and saves you massive amounts of time, especially because the Powermatic is electric meaning you can let it work as you get on with other daily tasks. The era of having to use scissors to trim your product is over!

It works on 230v and includes UK, Swiss and European power plugs.

Main SpinPro Powermatic features:

– Easy assembly
– Food grade stainless steel cutting grill parts
– Removable collection bag