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Spinpro Automatic Motor




The SpinPro Automatic Motor is a massive upgrade when using the SpinPro Original bowl trimmer. Made to fit the original, the Automatic motor is simply fitted onto the top of the bowl turning it into a self rotating trimmer, so you don’t have to waste the time turning the spinner yourself!  The Automatic motor is easy to assemble and attach onto the Original, coming with a couple of nuts and bolts that are simple to attach with the instruction Manual that will being included with the automatic motor. The motor allows you to run the Spinpro at intervals of 1-99 seconds. The digital display timer is on top of the motor allowing you to change the amount of time you want it to turn to whatever you want.

The SpinPro Automatic Motor is made from heavy duty materials and high quality components.

Gone are the days of cranking by hand!

This powerfull electric  motor is a great add-on to your SpinPro leaft trimmer

It is mains powered and you simply replace the handle with the electric motor, tools included.

Interested in having a look at the SpinPro Original Trimmer that it should go on? Click Here to take a look.